EDU 111

Perspectives on American Education

Topic 1

Topic 1: The Teaching Profession

History of teacher education

Diane Ravitch, Ph.D.—A Brief History of Teacher Professionalism

Only a Teacher: Teaching Timeline (PBS)

Merit pay, VAM evaluation: Resources

VAM evaluation of teachers, Bruce Baker

Recommended: Getting Teacher Evaluation Right: A Background Paper for Policy Makers

“Of Rocks and Hard Places—The Challenge of Maxine Greene’s Mystification in Teacher Education,” P. L. Thomas

Is teaching a profession?

“Is Teaching a Profession?” G.M. Inlow (1956)

“Making Teaching a Profession,” J. Epstein (2010), Inside Higher Ed

Do Adjuncts Have Academic Freedom? or Why Tenure Matters | AAUP

What Teacher Tenure Is — And What It’s Not, neatoday

“Is teacher tenure a myth?,” V. Strauss, The Answer Sheet, The Washington Post

Teachers’ Unions: An Overview

NCTQ, Bruce Baker

EDU 111

Perspectives on American Education

EDRD 640

Foundations and Current Trends in Literacy Research and Practice

EDU 115 (MayX)

The Reel World: The Depiction of Schools on Film

EDU 250/ EDRD 750

Scholarly Reading and Writing in Education

Concerned Scholars & Artists

Reclaiming Facts, Truth, Ethics

radical eyes for equity

A Critical Space - Writing by P.L. Thomas

Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care

A blog advocating for authentic writing instruction

Diane Ravitch's blog

A site to discuss better education for all

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